Elisabeth Cardiello

Managing Director - IGI London

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Elisabeth Cardiello is Managing Director, IGI London and a leading participant in both entrepreneurship and women's leadership development in New York and London.  Elisabeth began her corporate career with Credit Suisse and later with a $3 billion multi strategy Fund of Funds hedge fund, both in New York. However, her entrepreneurial career began with her family's business, led by her father's diverse career in New York in the sectors of real estate, manufacturing and MLS soccer.  Elisabeth first became involved with the family business at age six, produced her first product on shelves at 15, and participated in her first board meeting shortly thereafter.  Elisabeth was recruited to Wagner College as part of the women's soccer team, later graduating both college and business school at the top of her class, while gaining corporate internship experience in the world of finance.  Elisabeth has always been involved in more than just her day job. While at Credit Suisse, she was enrolled in Lean Sigma Training and labeled as a "Change Agent" and while on the sales and marketing team of a $3 billion alternative asset management fund, she devised a plan for a new type of incubation/co-working community.  Elisabeth has since made entrepreneurship the center of her career, including as the founder and chief executive officer of Caffe Unimatic, Inc., a Brooklyn, NY and Soho, NY coffee company with family legacy roots in Italy. Elisabeth also has been involved with commercial and residential real estate management, development and  ownership in Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York.  Elisabeth's story of resilience has spanned more than 15 years and has been featured by TEDx, AMEX OPEN Forum, NBC/New York Live TV, NYC Media TV, The Soho Collective, AOL Ventures Panel of New Ideas, WS Radio on Entrepreneurship and Creating Sustainable Success, The Dr. Oz Show, and others. Elisabeth is the Co-Founder of Legacy Out Loud, a global initiative of the University of Illinois to refocus the foundational conversations that inspire, empower and give young women the confidence to think and act entrepreneurially and be the leaders of their generation. She gave her second TEDx talk in the fall of 2015 on this topic. Elisabeth serves as Vice President of the NAA Board of Directors at Wagner College, is a guest professor, and is spearheading the creation of a Center for Social Innovation at Wagner. She also is Co-Founder of Master Your Mission, a new breed of MBA designed to reinvent the way entrepreneurs interact with the world. Elisabeth led its initial cohorts on the Etruscan Coast of Italy in Summer 2015 and 2016. Elisabeth also is a Dame of the Sovereign Order of Malta, a humanitarian organization and one of the oldest institutions in Europe.


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