IGI Asset Management

Asset Management specializes in alternative fixed income and asset allocation via diversification across asset classes and geographic locations. We utilize our local market knowledge and our long standing professional networks to identify or research opportunities and bring them to the attention of our IGI clients. The client then makes the investment decisions.

IGI FinTech

FinTech is one of the most strategic and important financial fields throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Infrastructure Group, Inc. has had a strong presence as an early adopter since 2011 when we recognized the emerging FinTech potential to be a force of simultaneous disruption and innovation, both a threat and an opportunity for the incumbents and the new firms. IGI FinTech activities span all of asset management, principal investments, corporate development, and IGI talent resources. IGI executives have become recognized industry experts in several aspects of FinTech in the United States, Europe, and Asia..

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AltFi Europe Summit 2015

IGI Transatlantic & IGI Brexit

Infrastructure Group, Inc. has been a transatlantic company since it was founded in December 2010 and the principals of IGI have more than twenty years of transatlantic experience emphasizing the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union. The emergence of Brexit in 2016 is only the latest force of change affecting the dynamic transatlantic market of economic, regulatory and geopolitical relationships. IGI London provides transatlantic advisory expertise to its international clients through an innovative platform and a comprehensive understanding of both markets and cultural influences.



IGI Advisory Board Membership & Services

IGI Advisory Boards provides business expertise to private and public companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. IGI principals have served on dozens of such boards over several decades of experience. On a case by case basis, IGI can make introductions and referrals to external Advisory Board candidates as well. Through these activities, IGI assists entrepreneurs, executives, and boards in all business roles and fiduciary responsibilities.


IGI Non-profit & SME

Infrastructure Group, Inc. and its principals have been involved as founders, owners, investors, employers and supporters of both non-profits and small businesses in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Abu Dubai and Africa (specifically Kenya and South Sudan after its separation from Sudan with the assistance of the United Nations and the United States). IGI on a case by case basis continues to provide both client support and volunteer assistance to non-profits and SME organizations and companies. We note that 45% of the jobs in America and 77% of the jobs in the United Kingdom are provided by SME organizations and companies.


IGI Capital Expertise

IGI Capital has over 30 years of experience in capital markets. This includes raising more than $20+ billion of equity and debt and serving as financial advisor for companies and projects aggregating $8+ billion. IGI Capital has experience in the private sector, the public sector, IPOs, and cross border financing. These capital market situations are among the most critical for entrepreneurs, executives, and boards in all business roles and fiduciary responsibilities.