Infrastructure Group, Inc. provides asset management expertise for its domestic and international clients, including access to alternative fixed income investments (ALG Fund and others), direct principal investments, allocations to investment funds, and introductions to private wealth managers. The client makes the investment decision.


FinTech represents the innovative forces in the global financial industry. FinTech uses artificial intelligence, data science and algorithms to provide financial solutions in all areas of credit, lending and equity. Infrastructure Group, Inc. provides assistance in embracing this new market as an asset class platform or as an investor in equity or debt opportunities.


Principal investments can be in privately held or publicly traded equity, debt or assets. Infrastructure Group, Inc. assists its clients with identification, diligence, execution, monitoring, and liquidity exit for principal investments globally. The client makes the investment decision.


Infrastructure Group, Inc. helps clients achieve their business objectives through corporate development. IGI is suited to leverage relationship resources and modern strategic financial and technology tools.  Talent Resources and all human resources services are a particular emphasis, along with more than twenty years of Transatlantic expertise.