Yvette McCann

Legal Advisor - Infrastructure Group, Inc.

For contact information, please send an email to info@infrastructuregroup.net

Yvette McCann is a UK, EU and US legal advisor to Infrastructure Group, Inc.  Yvette completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) at Griffith College Cork in Ireland. After attaining a successful grade in her year, Yvette McCann then went on to work in one of the top Criminal Law firms in Ireland, Frank Buttimer Solicitors and Company, who have dealt with a number of high profile cases and have achieved high profile results for their clients. This provided Yvette the opportunity to return to university to broaden her skill set and to further her knowledge in Criminal Law. She attended University College Cork, a well-known and highly demanding  university based in Cork, to complete a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. This degree contributed to her practical knowledge of the law and gave her a concrete base on which to proceed into her career.  Yvette presently is in the process of qualifying to be a practicing attorney in New York. Yvette also is acquiring significant entrepreneurial and corporate legal experience working with companies and attorneys in New York.